BAD IDEA: Using tax money to hurt small businesses

The Problem:

  • Our politicians are getting their priorities mixed up.
  • If government wants to build a tax-exempt fitness facility, taxpayers are forced to fund it, including annual operating shortfalls & ongoing capital improvements.
  • Fitness is a good and useful business. We don’t need to subsidize it by getting the government involved.
  • Studies prove nearly 90% of the taxpayers will not use this fitness facility.* That’s a huge waste of precious tax dollars.
  • A government fitness facility will hurt every existing fitness club & studio. These small businesses pay taxes and a park district fitness facility will not.
  • A government health club will also prevent new taxpaying fitness clubs from entering the market and paying taxes.
  • This stifles the growth of our tax base, and therefore will eventually raise taxes for the average taxpayer.

The Solution:

  • Government has no business being in the fitness business.
  • Our politicians should focus on more pressing concerns.
  • Government should stay out of businesses that are provided by taxpaying industries.

*The survey firm American Sports Data reports that only about 13% of Americans belong to a fitness club or fitness center. When a government fitness facility duplicates services already offered by tax-paying health clubs, then taxpayers are bearing costs for services that nearly 90% of them will not use.